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Operation Golf Grand Prairie


“To Introduce 1,000 New Golfers to The Game”

The purpose of Operation Golf Grand Prairie is to bring in new golfers to the game or reintroduce golfers who have not played for an extended time.

Basic Training

All recruits begin with basic training. Recruits will learn: 1). Tour the facility and become familiar where to go 2. Basic fundamentals to the game including driving/chipping/putting and 3. Having fun while learning how to play the game!

Basic training will be held every Saturday at 13:00 hours (1:00 PM) and on Tuesday afternoons at 17:00 hours (5:00 PM).

The cost of Basic training is $30 per recruit and includes two 1 hour clinics.

Boot Camp

After completion of basic training, recruits are encouraged to participate in boot-camp. Boot-camp will be four 1 hour clinics held every Saturday at 14:00 hours (2:00 PM) and on Thursday afternoons at 17:00 hours (5:00 PM).

Recruits will have a continuation of basic training and begin to learn how to actually play golf on the golf course. This includes where to tee off, what club to use, basic rules and etiquette, and how to practice to become successful.

The cost of boot-camp is $60 per recruit.


Recruits that are successful in graduating basic training and boot-camp are encouraged to attend graduation, held on the last Saturday of the month, in the afternoon. Graduation will include playing three-holes (a par 5, par 4, and par 3) and a small reception following play.

The cost of graduation is free.

Additional Training

After Graduation, recruits are encouraged to continue to grow their game, use the gun range (practice facility) and work on special forces 1- on-1 training with the pros.


With proper instruction and preparation, recruits who go through Operation Golf Grand Prairie will become the future of the game!

Operation Golf Grand Prairie

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